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January 16, 2017
Last updated: January 09, 2019

Write. Every. Day.

Staying productive is really damn hard. To-do lists easily stack up and collect dust. They become an intimidating reminder that we aren't finishing what we set out to do. For the past 9 months, I've found that the key to my productivity lies in a combination of rigorous documentation of my day-to-day and validation.

Here's what I make sure I do by the end of every work day:

  1. Take 5 minutes to log everything I did
  2. Write a to-do list for tomorrow with the most outstanding task at top

I've found that jotting down important conversations, questions, and marinating thoughts with links to documents, conversations, and pull requests helps me jump back in the next day.

Validating your work

So I've got a log of my daily accomplishments and goals. How does self-validation play a role in keeping a journal? It may feel like a mundane chore, but the sum of every day's work reminds me that I really am growing and that I SLAY.

The confidence I get from life logging and creating actionable items keeps me motivated and focused. Even the seemingly small victories is worth writing down, like...

I spoke up about something I was uncomfortable with.

It's awesome to feel those words at your fingertips, and I can literally see my growth on digital paper. The collection of logs also come in handy during performance reviews, so you're not scrambling to remember the details.

The right medium

You can document in any way that you like:

  • Write and doodle your notes with Fiftythree's Paper app
  • Use a beautiful notebook
  • Fill out a pack of sticky notes
  • Use an app (Currently using Notion, but have also used iA Writer and Dropbox Paper)

For 2019, I'm trying out a bullet journal in Notion with monthly, weekly, daily tracking! I'm hoping to better hold myself accountable for self-care and vacation with this method. I'll be sure to post a year in review in 2020.

The important thing is completing your journal right when you finish work. Whether you jot down the thing as soon as you finish the task, or all at the end of the day, just DO IT! You'll thank yourself later. 😺

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